Thursday, 10 August 2017

Tuesday 8th / Wednesday 9th August 2017

Slight change of plan for the last 2 days of the holiday. We woke on Tuesday to ...... Yes you've guessed it RAIN. We spent some time starting to sort out and pack our things into bags and finally set off when it was still raining. We popped into a boatyard on route to talk about having some work done there next year and were pleased to warm up in their cafe.

We finally arrived at Mercia at a quarter to three and although it was still raining lightly ( between the torrents) I washed the outside of the boat which definitely needed it! At 5 o'clock the rain was still falling and Graham suggested going home later that night as the forecast was the same for Wednesday. So we left about 9pm and were home just after midnight. The roads were empty and we did have a brief spell of dry weather during the journey.

A few facts about this Summer. 

Over 400 miles, over 200 locks and 71 swing / lift bridges. 55 nights on board and the highlights on the journey were :

The tidal Trent, Bingley 5 rise, Wigan 21 locks and the trip into and out of Liverpool with 3 nights to explore the city.

We have also enjoyed some great days off the canal exploring Yorkshire and Lancashire.

We have been asked about our feet photos so here they are for comparison. The August one had to be taken when we returned home due to the rain on Tuesday. We did have some lovely days weatherwise but the last 2 weeks have been quite cold with VERY heavy showers. We'll be back to the boat in Sept. to do some repairs and then we have the winter to plan the next cruise!

June 10th 2017

August 9th 2017